Talwar Talks revisits Nakhuda Masjid on Eid

Arun Talwar the creator and anchor for  Talwar Talks has been coming up with a plethora of interesting  stories on various facets of our city of Kolkata on social media through live videos and engaging narratives that makes his posts different and memorable.
He attempted it not only to highlight the area and it’s lifestyle around the heritage monument, but also delves into the lives, livelihoods of the people in the area and their income, employment  to give us a glimpse of how the daily  wage earners are coping during these uncertain times.This time around the topic of his choice for Talwat Talks is the occasion of Eid where he is presenting  a story of Nakhuda Masjid, the heritage mosque which adds to the nostalgia of  Chitpore, a very old area within the city mostly inhabited by the Muslim community.
For most Kolkattans Chitpore,  the name itself brings up memories of the delicious and aromatic Mughlai cuisine and the fragrance of Attar, their preferred perfume  wafting in the air as the residents pass by on these streets.  The essence of this area has been beautifully captured and presented in his current episode of the web series  Sheher-e-Kolkata. During  Ramadan Chitpore comes alive with lights and celebrations on the streets and becomes a must visit destination for all foodies and shop-a-holics from all parts of the city.
 Through Talwar Talks Arun in the past has always spoken to the locals in the particular area and that forms the basis of the constructive and positive interactions between Talwar Talks and people from different religious tradition, spiritual beliefs or just the man on the streets. He has always been vociferous about the repair, restoration  and social awareness of the old heritage structures of the past and has been  appealing  to corporates and individuals time and again to come forward in whatever capacity to help with the livelihood and employment of people who are jobless in these times and live around the heritage sites.
Arun’s meeting with  Md.Zahid Ahmed, ( Trustee) Cutchi Memon Jammat was one of bonhomie and goodwill. He said in his interview that he would spend his entire life in the devotion of the Almighty and in the maintenance of the heritage mosque so that it can be preserved  for  future generations to pray, witness and experience the mosque as well as the life in Chitpore.

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