Survivors Of Trafficking featured on calendar

International Justice Mission, Kolkata, launched their Annual Calendar for 2021. Each month features the story of a survivor of trafficking who has braved the odds and shown resilience. The theme highlights a medium for the voices of those whose battles go unheard.


“A survivors effort in telling their stories is praiseworthy because such events usually scar people for life, leaving them incapable of harbouring hopes for a better future. What makes it more encouraging is that these champion survivors feel that narrating their struggles will give strength to those who have encountered the same predicament. This is another sort of victory in the fight against human trafficking,” said Mr Saji Philip, Director of Operations, International Justice Mission, Kolkata.


The stories may have the common subjects of those rescued from trafficking but their aspirations are diverse: While *Neha is already a supervisor in a tailoring job, *Shefali is keen on building a home and pursuing the life that she always dreamt of. Their struggles and victories will motivate those with similar circumstances to come forward.


“It is overwhelming for me to reach out to so many people through this calendar and I hope my story will encourage others to come forward as well,” said *Ahana.


One of the pages of the calendar has the story of *Saumya who radiates and inspires others with self-confidence. Today, she is studying to complete her higher education with the aim of being a teacher. Since her rescue in 2014 she has taken by several hobbies including singing, painting, dancing and playing chess.


Through this calendar, International Justice Mission, Kolkata, brought together survivors of sex trafficking who showed the courage to dream big. Their aspirations are simple, daring, and inspiring.


*Pseudonym used.


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