‘Sunny days ahead for freshers’, states TeamLease EdTech Career Outlook Report

More than 15% of the employers keen on hiring Freshers

TeamLease EdTech (formerly, Schoolguru Eduserve), India’s leading learning solutions company, a group company of TeamLease Services, today launched their latest report – ‘Career Outlook Report Feb-Apr 21’. An in-depth analysis, Career Outlook Report delves deep into the hiring intent of employers, job profiles in demand, skills that fit the job roles and courses that can help fresh job seekers with actionable information for the period February- April, 2021. According to the report, India Inc is keen on hiring fresh skilled talents. In fact, more than 15% of the corporates have expressed an intent to hire freshers indicating achche din for Freshers. Though all the sectors are keen on hiring freshers at varying numbers, Informational Technology, Telecommunications, Ecommerce and Start-ups seem to be the leaders.

Further, from a job-role point of view, while corporates are keen to hire freshers across job roles, Business Development and Sales Professionals, Graphic Designers, Digital Marketing Associates, Content writers & Web Developers are the areas that most of the sectors are looking at scaling up fresher’s presence. Out of the 21 sectors studied, about 10 have expressed their intent to hire freshers for the role of Business Development/Sales Professionals. With 5 sectors looking to consider freshers for the role of Graphic Designers, this profile is also one wherein hiring is expected to be buoyant.

Sharing his perspective on the trends, Mr Shantanu Rooj, Founder & CEO, TeamLease EdTech, said, “Despite the COVID 19 pandemic, hiring of freshers continues to be on a strong growth trajectory. For the period February-April, 2021, freshers hiring intent has improved by 2.5 times from the lockdown period and as the economy opens up, it is expected to go up further. Apart from the buoyancy what stood out was the growing focus on specialised skills that employers expect from fresh job entrants. In fact, out of the 90 job roles – in popular demand – that corporates are looking at hiring freshers more than 65% are the ones that require specialised skills. HEIs can use the information in the report to tweak their curriculum to suit the needs and the demands of the industry.”


A detailed drill down the report also deep dives into key skills that freshers need to become employable and the top courses that can help the freshers increase their chances of getting a job. As per the findings, employers expect freshers to be equipped with domain skills like Product/Service Advertising, Data Analytics, Web/Mobile App Development and Spreadsheet Skills. Additionally, according to the report, employers also expect freshers to possess soft skills like Reasoning, Analytical thinking, Complex problem solving, Active learning and Critical Reasoning.  From a course point of the most ideal courses that freshers can look at to improve their employability are Automation, Software Development and Graphic Designing.


Commenting on the aspect of skilling being imperative for freshers to get the right jobs, Ms Neeti Sharma, Co-Founder and President, TeamLease EdTech, said, While the optimism for freshers hiring is growing stronger, what candidates need to understand is that employers are extensively looking for talent with specialized skills. Of late, regular degree courses are not completely adequate for honing skills amongst freshers. In fact, most of the sought out jobs profiles for freshers requires additional learning and freshers need to constantly invest in up-skilling themselves and staying ahead of the curve. The need of the hour is not just hone domain skills but also soft and niche skills.”


The Career Outlook Report attempts to bridge this gap and provide career-enhancing insights into job roles and skills the market requires and the types of courses that prepare job seekers to effectively respond to market demand. The report analyses insights gathered from 815 employers, across eighteen sectors and fourteen cities in India.

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