Sudhamta Foundation Disaster Relief Program in Himachal Pradesh

Sudhamta Foundation India is an NGO which is youth driven and lead by college students. On July 6th,the team went to Manali for an awareness program with the villagers there and ended up taking part in disaster relief after they got stuck in flood themselves. The brave team didn’t come down when they had an option but chose to do sewa and distribute relief materials like dry food, water and medicines. Crossing all the hurdles like roadblocks and water the team consisted of Vivek Sonwani, Akul Singh, Vanshika Meena, Manish Singh and Debalina Bhattacharjee. They are all students of Delhi University and has shown immense courage at a young age. “It was one of my most adventurous experience in life.” says Vivek Sonwani.

“Doing sewa and working for the people gives a good sleep.” says, Akul while Debalina pointed out, “It was a unique experience working in villages being a city bred person and we learnt a lot of things and especially that life up there is very tough.” They have distributed 5000 sanitary napkins, bread and fruits and medicines all across 16 villages spread in Kullu Manali district. Prior to that they were teaching self defence to the women and child in the villages led by Manish Singh. Countrywide reputed social activist Arumita Mitra, who is the founder of this Pan India based NGO says, “If you do forced development in hills, make malls and towers and blast the hills eventually that will crash and nature will rearrange herself, however in this disaster relief we included sanitary napkin as a part of sewa as we believe this is an essential product. We have impacted more than 7 thousand lives with our sewa.” Sudhamta Foundation India has filed a petition in Delhi High court to revoke 18% GST on sanitary napkins so that it becomes lesser in cost and more accessible to rural women.

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