Just Studio released a trailer of Suchandra Vaaniya’s debut directorial short film Shurponakhar Agomon  recently at Spices & Sauces( ICCR).It is an experimental short not just in its concept and approach but also it’s execution and filming.
Language plays an important part of this venture with the primary language being Santali and is accompanied by English Subtitles.The screenplay and dialogues has been written by Chandroday Pal.
Helmed by Producer and Actor turned Director Suchandra Vaaniya, the filming of this film took place in Purulia and involved a cast and crew that majorly consisted of tribal artists, Chau dancers and technicians.
Revolving around two of the most pivotal but often ignored characters of the Indian epic Ramayana, Shurponakhar Agomon features two Santali actors, Parbati Murmu and Rajlaxmi Kiskum as Shurponakha and Sita respectively.
The music of this short has been created by Soumya Rit and has four original songs composed by Avijit Acharya.
The launch of the teaser was preceded by a small performance by the Bahurupis from Birbhum, an almost lost art form of rural Bengal. Dressed as characters from the short, mesmerized by the performances by these masked men and women.
Suchandra Vaaniya’s Prayash, a non profit organization to help the poor and needy of Rural Bengal has been a pivotal part of this Short with a clear goal of helping Chau dancers, Bahurupis and local tribals by including them in the project amidst the global COVID 19 pandemic.
Suchandra Vaaniya said,” It’s been an honour to be a director of such a unique short which got Bengal’s cultural connection so well.Be it Santali artistes,Chau dancers all did their best.I am fortunate enough that Bahurupi artisans came to city to release the trailer.Eventually we have sent the film to the prestigious Cannes.”

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