Success mantra in Corporate world


Every student aspires to make a smooth transition into the corporate environment. However, it can be quite challenging to make this shift, courtesy over-expectations, negligence and lack of preparation.Strict deadlines, appraisals, monthly targets, presentations…the corporate world is nothing like college.

Recently, Bengal Institute of Business Studies (BIBS), a premier Business School in Koikata  organised its flagship event “Management Guest Inspire Series” or MGIS. The event aims at creating a healthy live interaction system between industry and students so that they can learn from the very People who would be offering jobs after the MBA programme.
The event was graced by corporate leaders-Prakash Pandey(Head — HR East Britannia),Nishant Sood (Associate Director Kelloggs),Kasturi Ghosh (HR East Nestle), Amarpreet Singh Modi( Account Planning Director Ogilvy ) and Dipankar Chakraborty ( Executive Director PWC) interacted with BIBS students and  apprised them on “How to succeed in the Corporate World”.

Dipankar Chakraborty ( Executive Director PWC) said ” Everyone wants to be successful in their jobs and in the corporate world. To do that, I firmly believe that each and every one should ascribe to this principle: Never Stop Learning.An individual should never stop learning, never think that they have learned all they need to, and never shy away from new information (even if it takes them out of the comfort zone). Also being a good listener is a valuable life skill, especially in business management, where the ability to listen to prospects and customers is critical.”

Nishant Sood (Associate Director Kelloggs) said ” It’s increasingly evident that business leaders who are capable of experiencing and demonstrating empathy, compassion, and humility have greater success.Staying humble means being aware of, and admitting, what you don’t know. It means being ok making mistakes and asking for help. When you are humble you open yourself up to continuous growth and learning.”


Kasturi Ghosh (HR East Nestle) said ” When we set clear work-home boundaries, it can help us become less stressed and more efficient, both in our work and personal lives.With the abundance of technology in our lives, it can be nearly impossible to unplug, and that much easier to just shoot off one more email, or take that call from your boss. But remember, the more your work life filters into your personal life, the more you’re losing that balance that’s so important to your health and happiness.”

Mr. Prakash Pandey, Head HR — Last of Britannia said. “Industry looks forward to young talent from Business Schools who can contribute to the Company’s vision and business practices. A programme like MGIS with experienced speakers from Industry gives the MBA students valuable insights about industry practices which they can use to develop talents and attributes which will enable then to get hired by the best companies.”

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