Stereotactic ablative radiotherapy for Bile Duct cancer

Apollo Cancer Centre, Kolkata, the hospital which offers world-class treatment for oncology, successfully treated a 63-year-old elderly male through Stereotactic Ablative Body Radiotherapy (SABR) without surgery. Mr. Ashok Ray (name changed on request) approached Apollo Cancer Centre where he was diagnosed with Intrahepatic Cholangiocarcinoma, commonly known as Bile Duct cancer.

The patient underwent a detailed examination and the evaluation showed a 3X3.3 cm segment VII liver lesion which turned out to be Cholangiocarcinoma on biopsy. In the beginning, the patient was aligned to be treated via surgery but later tests showed that surgery was not viable for this specific case. This posed a unique challenge in treating the patient without surgery.


As an alternative, the lead doctor, Dr. Sayan Paul, Senior Radiation Oncologist at Apollo Hospitals, Kolkata, along with the experienced team of expert clinicians decided to treat the patient with Stereotactic Ablative Body Radiotherapy. SABR is a completely painless procedure wherein a highly focused and targeted high-energy X-ray is delivered with high precision to kill the cancer cells in the targeted organ. A total of 5 sessions of SABR were executed to treat the patient. The procedure was well tolerated by the patient without any complications. Post 3-months of completion of the treatment in March 2022, the patient’s health condition was reviewed to find out the presence of any further cancerous development but the disease had completely been treated.
Commenting on the successful treatment, Dr. Sayan Paul, Senior Radiation Oncologist at Apollo Hospitals, Kolkata, said “It’s astounding how technology has changed the cancer treatments in the last couple of years. When I first met Mr. Ray and we did a thorough diagnosis of the case, it seemed simple and treatable with surgery. At a later stage, we understood that this unique case due to issues of age and other implications, could only be treated with SABR.


The patient’s trust and Apollo’s expertise in technology and oncology led to another successful treatment. With the support from highly professional doctors and nurses, we were able to turn this case around and support Mr. Ray to be treated completely.”

Sharing his thoughts on this case, Dr. Shaikat Gupta, Director – Surgical Oncologist, Apollo Cancer Centre, Kolkata, said, “It’s a matter of pride for us at Apollo Cancer Centre, Kolkata, to treat the most critical of cases with finesse and expertise to achieve desirable results. Dr. Paul and the team did a commendable job in treating this case with the right knowledge, tools, and technology. ACC Kolkata is one of the most advanced cancer centers in Eastern India that has best-in-class infrastructure and technical setups to treat the most complex of cases. With our aim towards helping our society to treat cancer, we hope to continue to touch lives positively.”

With the adoption of newer techniques and technologies in the field of oncology, the landscape of the industry has evolved and changed the perception of cancer as a disease. At Apollo, the focus and action plans are centered on the patient and their individual needs. The 360-degree specialized care with the most advanced technology is provided to the patients who put their trust in Apollo’s experienced and dedicated team of doctors, clinicians, and nurses.

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