Special vaccination camp for Visually Impaired

ESI Hospital, Maniktala in association with Calcutta Eye Hospital (an initiative of HM Diwan Eye Foundation) and Society For The Welfare Of The Blind conducted a special inoculation camp to vaccinate visually impaired in Kolkata today. In the camp, around 100 visually impaired persons received vaccination. Dr. Mayukh Ray, Medical Superintendent, ESI Hospital, Maniktala, Mr. Ashok Kumar Chaudhary, CEO, Calcutta Eye Hospital and Mr.  Biswajit Ghosh, Secretary, Society For The Welfare Of The Blind were present during the inauguration of the vaccination camp.


“We have been vaccinating a huge number of people every day. It is our privilege to have been able to organize a special vaccination drive for the visually impaired. We congratulate the organizing associations for coming up with such a noble cause”, said Dr. Mayukh Ray, Medical Superintendent, ESI Hospital.


“We are honored to offer a helping hand to the visually impaired and we are thankful to ESI Hospital, Manicktala for providing us the scope for doing such an exclusive vaccination camp. We intend to take up many such socially conscious initiatives in the future”, said Mr. Ashok Kumar Chaudhary, Chief Executive Officer, Calcutta Eye Hospital.


“Society For The Welfare Of The Blind has been dedicatedly working for the rehabilitation and upliftment of the blind population for the last sixty years. The pandemic has been rough on all sections of the society, but the visually impaired have been negatively affected the most as it has not been easy for them to avail vaccination, following safety protocols in place. We are grateful to ESI Hospital, Manicktala, Calcutta Eye Foundation and Addiction Media for arranging this exclusive vaccination drive for the blind,” said Mr Biswajit Ghosh, Secretary, Society For The Welfare Of The Blind.


“Addiction Media is happy to be associated with such a cause and I congratulate ESI Hospital, Calcutta Eye Hospital & Society For The Welfare Of The Blind for such an initiative,” said Sutirrtha Sarkar, Founder, Addiction Media.


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