Special Olympics Bharat screens Athletes with Intellectual Disability

Upholding the World Health Day and celebrating an Inclusive health week, Special Olympics Bharat will medically screen 75000 athletes with intellectual disabilities from 5th  to 7 th April across 75 cities of India marking the 75 years of independence attempting Guinness book of world records.Special Olympics Bharat West Bengal is the state chapter of the Special Olympics Bharat Federation of India.

Prior to the event 7500 clinical volunteers has been trained according to the Special Olympics guidelines, to carry out the screenings effectively. The Athletes was screened across Special Smiles (Dental) and Health Promotion (prevention & nutrition).

Covid 19 has affected children with intellectual disabilities in various ways one of the worst being confining them to the corners of their home and limiting their abilities on field. This primary objective of event is an attempt to break free and get them back to the field. Moreover Covid 19 has shown how we lose track of athletes in all format in India subsequently adding to the data constraints and losing potential and performing athletes. This event includes a registration module which accumulates and creates a digital ID card for special athletes throughout India with a robust system including identification proof, disability certificate, and vaccine details. Hence this software program which is developed in West Bengal, attempts to create a robust database of special athletes across all districts in India. Finally, the event will screen the basic health of 5000 athletes throughout West Bengal.

Annemarie Hill, Director Health Program, Special Olympics International along with other dignitaries were present at the event.The event is supported by Kolkata Police &Lions Club International

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