Calcutta Society for Professional Action in Developmentpopularly known as SPADE, was established in Calcutta in 1994 as a NonProfit Society by alumni of IIT Kharagpur. It provides technical, professional and managerial support and services to different developmental stakeholders. During the last 27 years, SPADE has established itself as a major non-governmental organization playing an important role in the field of development covering Institution Building, Livelihood, Education and Energy. This was made possible by a team of volunteers and professionals who committed support services to the development sector.


On Education, SPADE in 2017, initiated on-line tutorials for rural areas in collaboration with IIM-Kolkata. At Puncha, Purulia, SPADE started a supplementary school for the underprivileged children, who are first generation learners, and deprived of quality education, to impart the same standard of education as their urban privileged counterparts. Currently, the Supplementary Education Centre does not have adequate infrastructure to support more than these 50 children.

SPADE is seeking support from all to upgrade its Centre:


1.  To provide a study room for the children, who do not have suitable place in their homes,


2.  To provide more digital tools (desktop, laptop and printer)


3.  To provide a physical and digital library and


4.  To construct a vocational training centre for self-sustaining income to villagers.


On measuring outcome, we follow the following metrices:


1.Academic performance assessed through weekly/monthly tests 2.Attendance in classes. Here their willingness is also observed.

3. Participation in curricular/extracurricular activities such as sports, quizzes, essay writing, observations of special days.

4. Computer literacy, interest in learning computer skills including knowing different types of topics through the internet.

5. Students’ willingness to go and attend regular school. Observations about their performance and interest, from the teachers of regular schools, are regularly sought.

6. Other factors like the attitude of parents i.e. parents’ proactiveness on their Ward’s attendance in school, time spent in studying at home etc etc


SPADE needs your help to meet these expenses.


SPADE thinks this is the beginning of a long a journey and therefore looks for continuing this sincere effort till the centre attains a sustainable status with its resources and distinction maintainable by the community. And over the years, all children would chronicle a sea change in the community who will move out of despair and to become active citizens of the new world!

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