Sleep problems constitute a global epidemic that threatens health and quality of life for up to 45% of the world’s population

World Sleep Day 2020 will incorporate the slogan, ‘Better Sleep, Better Life, Better
Planet,’ highlighting sleep’s important place as a pillar of health, allowing for better decision making and cognitive understanding in even big issues, such as our planet. This focus is purposefully broad in meaning, surrounding the message that quality of life can be
improved with healthy sleep. Conversely, when sleep fails, health declines, decreasing
quality of life. Sound sleep is a treasured function. World Sleep Society has compiled ten
tips for healthier sleep. These recommendations for children and adults can be viewed on
worldsleepday.org under resources.• A man spends one third of his life sleeping. Yet, strangely, sleep is mostly neglected in our everyday lives. When we are young, we study and work sacrificing our sleep at the slightest pretext, often curtailing sleep for that extra hour of work/ studies. When we grow old, we try to fall asleep at any cost and use and abuse sedatives in the process.• Sound sleep is a treasured function and one of the core pillars of health. When sleep fails, health declines, decreasing quality of life. Sleep and energy balance are essential for health. During sleep, energy is conserved due to suspended activity, movement, and sensory responses, and is redirected to restore and replenish proteins and their assemblies into cellular structures. Sleep also serves the very important function of information processing and memory consolidation.• Sleep problems constitute a global epidemic that threatens health and quality of life for up to
45% of the world’s population.
Dr. Sourav Das, MD, DNB, CCAM, IBSM (Somnos Sleep Clinic) said “Sleep problems should not be underestimated in today’s world. Its understandable, we want to
squeeze out the maximum productivity from a day, but it shouldn’t come at the cost of sleep, as it will lead to far fetched economic, social and health consequences, which will take away any extra benefits obtained by sleeping less. Any difficulty in initiating or maintaining sleep, any abnormal behavior while sleeping or any excessive daytime sleepiness should be promptly brought to the attention of the nearest qualified sleep specialist.”
Dr. Uttam Agarwal, DLO, DNB, Fellowship in Sleep apnea surgery (Orange Sleep Apnea Clinic) said  “Till few years back obstructive sleep apnea had mainly one mode of treatment i.e PAP therapy.We have added another mode of treatment..multilevel sleep surgery . Patient is selected based on their sleep study and sleep endoscopy and ofcourse history and clinical examination . The surgery usually involves one stage or 2 stage surgery involving nose, palate , tonsil, tongue epiglottis and mandible etc. These are the patients who have clinically favourable anatomy or looking for an alternative to PAP or are CPAP uncompiant patients. Results are very encouraging and promising.”
Dr. Haseeb Hassan, MD, DM, IBSM (Dept. of Epileptology & Neurology, Rabindranath Tagore International Institute of Cardiac Sciences) said” Sleep is not only measure to rest one’s body, its mechanism to heal body. Sleep is important defense mechanism to fight illness and remain healthy. Proper quality and duration of sleep is
important for optimal function, memory, mood and to keep check on blood pressure, sugar,
cholesterol and other health hazards.Simple measures like keeping the room temperature comfortable, taking care of noise and light, disciplined sleep timings, addressing medical problems and avoiding distracters (TV, Computer, Tea/ Coffee at night) help in most of cases. Taking sleeping pill casually can compound the problem. If these measures do not work, Sleep specialists should be consulted.”

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