Six yards of Happiness- Lotus Rescue spreading happiness among the women with Dolly Jain

Saree – six yards of fabric is a quintessential dress for every woman. There is a happiness related with draping a saree as it lends a beauty and a touch of class to the one wearing them. Saree is often used as a synonym to dignity and pride.

In this season of happiness,where we tend to overlook the happiness of the weaker section of the society. Lotus Rescue played a role in spreading happiness among the women, by distributing sarees.

Happiness, beautifully explained by Dolly Jain is in distributing sarees to the women of the weaker section of the society.  The famous celebrity saree draper distributed heavy sarees on the occasion of Diwali to the women of Lotus Rescue today at an event organized by Ayush Sarda the founder of Ek Packet Umeed.

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