Siddhidata Ganesha kicks off online Puja tradition in Bengal

With all conventional platforms taking a backseat and internet stealing all the limelight, YuvakSangha club is all set to organise Bengal’s first ever online Ganesh Puja ~ Bidhannagar Ganesh Chaturthi Mohatsav, 2020. According to Hindu Mythology, Ganesha is known as Siddhidata or God of Beginnings who is honoured at the start of every ritual. Catering to this tradition, Lord Ganesha kicks off the new culture of ‘online live streaming’ in 2020 where devotees can experience everything through just a click on their phones/laptops.

Keeping in mind the Covid-19 pandemic and its social distancing norms, the YuvakSangha Club authorities will go live with their Puja from their Facebook Page during the inauguration, Darshan, Aarti and Pushpanjali and other rituals so that the devotees can log in.

The YuvakSangha club authorities known for organising the oldest Ganesh Puja of East Kolkata have also kept options for registering name and gotro for performing the Puja and home delivery of Prasad for followers.

“Although the pandemic has mellowed down gatherings but our religious fervour still remains high. Hence, we decided to organise Ganesh Chaturthi online as a part of our “new normal” norms,” said AnindyaChatterjee, president of YuvakSangha club.

Commenting on the theme, Chatterjee added: “We have stepped on the 11th year of our Puja and have themed it on Grihokone Vinayak. Every year, we come up with different themes for the Puja and Pandal. Last year, we had organised this Puja based on a 1000-year old Ganesha idol.”

According to YuvakSangha authorities, “Hosting the Puja online would not only cater to a wider audience ~ domestic and abroad ~ but would also ensure elderly and children from every nook and corner join in from the safety of their homes, turning this into one of a kind celebration.”


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