Shraddha Music released a new Bengali single, Tusu’, by Kaya Band and also released the promo of the new single Rubi Prem To Jomlo Na Tor Sathe by Jojo Nathaniel in presence of Papiya Adhikari & Kanchana Moitra as guests. All the artists who have worked in these two albums are also presented for this occasion. The song will be available in Shraddha Music’s YouTube channel and across all music platforms.

Kaya Band members Arindam, Suvasis, Abhi, Archan, Parag & Raktim has contributed as their best for this new release. The song ‘Tusu’ is penned by Tanushree. It is dedicated to the famous Tusu festival traditionally celebrated in the month of Poush, holds a special place in our hearts, especially at Tusu Sasurbari and Baper Bari. The song, beautifully crafted by Kaya Band, captures the essence of this vibrant festival, with programming arrangements also done by the band.

Another song Ruby Prem Too Jomlo Tor Na Sathe by Jojo Nathaniel as the singer promo has been released. Music is by Babul Bose and the song is written and directed by Kajal Supriya. Jojo started his musical career in 1986 with the then renowned rock group SHIVA in Calcutta. He was the lead singer and performed with every big name and group in the music world …  ROCK MACHINE, 13AD, Great Society, Waterfront, Agni, Sharone Parabhakar, Gary Lawyer, Remo Fernandes, Usha Uthup, Shweta  Shetty & Sunita Rao, etc. Music maestro Panchamda introduced him to the Mumbai’s Hindi Film and Music Industry with an album titled “Dil Tera Hua”. He appeared on the musical firmament with super hit songs “Subah Subah Jab Khidki Khole” from the movie “Yash” and “Are Baba Are Baba Kare Kya Deewana”, “Apni to Ek Hi life …Ek HI Life” from the movie “Auzaar”. Soon followed his hot selling music album “Woh Kaun Thi” from Zee Music. “Jalwa Remix” the title is sung by Jojo from Times Music.

“This is the first work with both of Kaya Band and Jojo Nathaniel. Tusu is a popular festival that is the theme of the song. In addition to the releases, we are excited about our upcoming projects, including the album video Ruby Prem Too Jomlo Tor Na Sathe, going which is to be released on February 14th, 2024. We are optimistic that our audience will embrace these new songs with love and enthusiasm. It’s overall a good experience to work with all of them. There are upcoming release of three albums are there in the list”, said Kajal Supriyo, Proprietor and Director, Shraddha Music.

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