Show and Tell : Shows the way and Tells the story of Women supporting each other…

Show and tell ( SnT) a group of women leading by examples of encouraging other women to lead their lives irrespective of their flaws. To take charge of one’s life and do what makes one happy has been their motto since the day of inception. Mili Deb the founder admin started this journey with very few ladies. Suparna Bharadwaj, the only moderator joined the group later as the SnT expands with more than 4000 members. This year SNT celebrated its 3rd birthday.


Mili Deb, the admin said ‘living without judgemental statements is what we aim at. To live a life where one can truly be themselves without the fear of getting judged should be a practice now”.

The team not only encourages the women to share their thoughts but they also practice what they preach. All the women feel free to showcase their talents irrespective of their imperfections in this group.


‘’One does not have to live aiming at perfection, and definitely not feel any less. It  itself is praise worthy the moment one decides to do something, gaining courage and battling through itself is enough’’ said Shampi Banerjee, one of the old members.

Through the SnT Facebook page/ group the members showcase their talents through live sessions and other encourage them by participating in those sessions. The group also has scheduled days for different activities, where one can earn their living by doing business and can also share their day-to-day activities without any hesitation.  Doing a normal business to posting a picture, the group and the members are acceptant towards everything which makes one happy.


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