Shaheed Hasan Pijush’s poetry book ‘Premer Chhithi’ released

The book Premer Chhithi, a Bengali language full colour coffee table book consisting of Bengali poems written in color calligraphy artworks created by Bangladeshi American author Shaheed Hasan Pijush was released formally in India at Oxford Bookstore, Park Street, on 11 August 2023, Friday evening at 4pm in presence of such dignitaries as journalist and film director Aniket Chattopadhyay, artist and sculptor Pradip Rudra Pal, and publisher and writer Rupa Majumder (Deb Sahitya Kutir).

The author Shaheed Hasan, who has come to India from the USA via Bangladesh to release the Indian edition of his book, spoke about his journey as an author and why he came up with the present book which is a combination of calligraphic art and poetry, both created by him.

The chief guests discussed on the subject of strengthening the political and business bond between India and Bangladesh through exchange of art, culture, literature and cinema. Bangladeshi books are releasing in India, Indian books are published in Bangladesh; Bangladeshi films are now releasing in India through OTT platforms and in theatres, generating much interest among Indian viewers; Indian actors and directors are working in Bangladeshi projects and Bangladeshi actors and directors are working in Indian film projects. All these are strengthening the political and business bond between the two neighbouring countries. The Indian edition of the book is published by Power Publishers, Kolkata.

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