Music, they say, has universal appeal ! It cuts across all boundaries and enters our hearts through our ears. Love for music is also universal, and it is a manifestation of love for Mother Earth, as music is known to heal and nurture all living beings, not only humans !
Shahana Shome is just short of 12 years on this earth and has the gift of music in her genes. She is a great fan of Asha Ji and wanted to pay a special tribute to the Legend. She presents her cover version of the evergreen Ghazal “Yun Saja Chaand’ – composed by the Legend Ghulam Ali Ji and sung by Asha Ji.
In the meanwhile, listening to the disturbing news of so many people, especially children, being affected by the current COVID-19 pandemic, she wanted to do her bit to help out. It was then that Shahana, with the help and guidance of her mother, decided to use her upcoming musical tribute to Asha Ji for the social cause of helping underprivileged children.
Shahana is training in Hindustani Classical and light classical music from the age of 5, under the watchful eyes of her mentors and her mother.  By god’s grace and her own hard work and perseverance, she has been able to come upto a level at this age where she could attempt such a fabulous composition. Asha Ji is her soul mentor and she always looks upto her as her guiding light.
What is remarkable at this age is Shahana’s maturity as a singer and also her empathy and zeal to help a social cause. This is an effort to reach her voice to as many people as possible. Her video, which will be published on the 7th of September, will have links to organisation(s) engaged in the welfare of underprivileged children. One such organisation -The Rotary Club of Mumbai-Powai, is fully supporting this cause. Please donate freely if you like her effort. Share with as many people as possible, to make this a game changer in helping a social cause.
Shahana says, “I want to become a good singer so that my music can reach more people and thus can help more underprivileged children in this world. The only thing more important to me than becoming a good singer is to become a good human being !!”
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