Seminar On “How To Make Money From Stock Market”

 A seminar entitled “Making Money From the Stock Market for Traders & Investors” was held in Kolkata by Elearnmarkets, in collaboration with StockEdge. The event aimed to promote National Financial Literacy Month and provide attendees with insights into smart approaches to trading and investing in the equity market.

At the seminar, Vivek Bajaj and Chetan Panchamia shared their invaluable insights from their experience, empowering traders and investors of all levels. The seminar focused on momentum investing and options trading, providing practical methods for identifying lucrative momentum opportunities in the market and proven tactics for option buying and selling. Attendees also learned about the tools and techniques required to excel in the stock market.

The seminar took place at the GD Birla Sabhagar in Kolkata and attracted a large audience of traders and investors from Kolkata and surrounding areas. Attendees expressed their appreciation for the knowledge shared during the seminar.

Commenting on the seminar Mr Vivek Bajaj, Co-founder Elearnmarkets.com stated-”Stock Market is not an easy science to understand because it is not just a science; it’s a combination of arts and science. For anyone to succeed in the market, one must have a robust understanding of the subject and a passion for the same. These events are perfect for inculcating the thought process inside a serious market participant. At StockEdge and Elearnmarkets we are committed to the excellence of retail investors.”

Elearnmarkets is India’s leading financial market training platform with over 100 courses by stock market experts. It offers more than 60,000 minutes of videos in 7+ Indian languages, and over 3 million learners have registered on the platform. StockEdge is a popular Indian Stock Market App that provides stock analysis, tracking, financial statement evaluation, and stock investment ideas. Elearnmarkets and StockEdge have a history of organizing successful trading events with renowned experts such as Ramesh Damani, the chairman of D-Mart and BSE member, Vivek Bajaj, the founder of StockEdge and Elearnmarkets, and Chetan Panchamia, who has over 17 years of experience.

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