Seminar on “Awareness and Prevention of Financial Frauds”

Bangonidhi Association held an awareness session at the Press Club on Saturday to address the issues of financial clarity and the future of microfinancing for its members and the common people.

A non-profit organization, Bangonidhi’s aim is to make people aware of various types of financial frauds done online and chit funds so that they can be careful and safe. Bangonidhi Association has taken a leading role in raising awareness among people about cryptocurrency and the stock market. It has vowed to save the common people from the losses caused by businesses that adopt dishonest means. 

Sreekumar Banerjee, former member of CII, CA and economist, chairman of Bangonidhi Association Suman Sarkar and regional manager of Bandhan Bank Dipanjan Guha were present to address the representatives of Bangonidhi where they shared valuable insights to sensitize the common people so that they don’t fall prey to excessive greed and face financial losses. Cautioning the audience they shared the right knowledge so that the entire system does not suffer due to unscrupulous company directors and to spread the message from district to district.   

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