SBI General Insurance launches a digital film titled #NayaNazariya

This International Women’s Day, SBI General, one of India’s leading General Insurance Companies has unveiled a digital film #NayaNazariya, showcasing the changing notion of women’s roles & responsibilities. Through a heart-warming father and daughter bond, this film underlines the importance of financial education for women and how prioritising it can have a positive impact on families and society as a whole. The film subtly urges everyone to have a new vantage point and view things from a new Nazariya.

The video begins with laying out conventional gender roles where financial responsibilities are undertaken by the ‘man of the house’.  It goes to reveal with a twist that the protagonist infact is a woman, taking charge of all finance related decisions. The film addresses the common misconception that financial roles can only be divided based on gender. It depicts that understanding the significance of financial independence and literacy is not just important for women by their parents as well. And this messages is well brought out by a progressive father and responsible daughter’s heart-warming bond.

The digital film opens with the head of the family being asked about various household payments. In response, the father asks the vendors to contact his family’s financial head ‘Sonu’. They assume ‘Sonu’ to be the man’s son who must oversee all payments. However, the story takes a complete twist as the father quickly reminds them that ‘Sonu’ is his daughter thus shattering their stereotypical belief that only men can look after household financial duties. The film furthers the narrative that women are taking on the mantle to shoulder more financial responsibilities, well supported by the confidence of their loved ones.

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