Sapphire presents Dance Vivid- Dancing vividly in Covid Times

Sapphire is all set to introduce a special monthly dance series celebrating the 28th birthday of Sapphire in August in a physical performance of four new works entitled DANCEVIVID- Dancing Vividly in Covid Times which will be streamed live but will be treated as a physical performance with all the standards expected of a Sapphire show. The series will be starting 9 August,2020 onward, at Topcat CCU,7 PM.
Sapphire also did a special photo shoot with photographer Kasturi Mukherjee and  designer Abhishek Dutta to create  a connect with the streets and heritage buildings of kolkata with our Contemporary dance integrating the common people for whom we think it’s time to find the rhythm of dance in their own rhythm of life. So we shot on the narrow lanes of north Kolkata , in front of GPO and again inside the Currency Building. These photographs shot mainly for our new website recontextualise in this time of the pandemic the light of hope that is within to regain our freedom and own the streets of Kolkata, yet again!!!! Sapphire is coming up with their new website ( ),Launch new youtube channel TV Sapphire ,Present four new works as part of DanceVivid.
 Sudarshan Chakravorty, artistic director,Sapphire Creations, says, “Circumstances have changed but dance hasn’t. We have danced on stage, danced on the streets, danced in cafes, bookstores, galleries, boardrooms. Now we will dance online. You will view us in a box. But in your mind’s imagination our energy and spirit will create a world of movement, beauty, creativity and meaning for you. We will pervade borders with dance be it physical or digital. We will DanceVivid,Vivid is vivacious, alive and pulsating. This is the new now.” The four new productions are Deja Vu: Sylvester Mardi & Pintu Das,Catastrophe : Bijoy Sharma, Avishek Mitra, Pendulum: Ankita Duttagupta, Koushik Das, Losing Touch Gaining Time: Paramita Saha.

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