`Santulan,’ a helpline for employee mental and emotional wellbeing

ICICI Lombard, India’s leading private general insurance company, has introduced `Santulan,’ a helpline for employee mental and emotional wellbeing. This helpline will provide 24*7 access to trained counsellors while ensuring confidentiality.

Taking into cognizance, the toll that the pandemic has had at a psychological and emotional level for most individuals, ICICI Lombard decided to lend a helping hand in alleviating some of this emotional strain. For Covid affected employees, the company has also set up a Quarantine Assessment Committee (QAC) of in-house doctors who guide, advice and counsel them round-the-clock, till recovery.

The company is also urging its employees to organise their work schedule to maintain a balance, while being productive. The practise of flexible working – no meetings before 9 a.m. and after 7 p.m., silent hours between 2-3 p.m. and practice of not scheduling any meetings on weekends or holidays—has been introduced so as to promote wellbeing.

Employees are also offered additional leave for Covid-19 over and above existing casual-cum-medical leaves and based on their requirement, to ease work pressure.

 ICICI Lombard, had in the recent past announced a move to a permanent hybrid way of working, wherein 50% of its employees will continue to operate from non-office locations.

Addressing the need for financial support for those impacted by Covid, ICICI Lombard had announced last week that it would be providing two months’ salary in advance to any Covid positive employees. The individual can pay back the advance in 6 or 12 monthly instalments at a later date.

The insurance company also announced the following additional measures to help its employees shoulder their financial strain:

·       Reimbursement of medical infrastructure support expenses up to a maximum of Rs.10,000/- per family member, arising from home quarantine in case of infected employees. The benefit also includes a spouse, two children up to 25 years and dependent parents.

·       Bearing the vaccination cost for all its employees and their dependents. It is also tying up with healthcare facilities in the country to facilitate the vaccine inoculation programme further.

·       Providing a family floater cover of Rs. 4 lakhs and a corporate buffer of Rs. 3 lakhs. This insurance coverage includes the employee, spouse, two children (up to 25 years of age) and dependent parents.

·       If the company loses its employee to Covid, ICICI Lombard has decided to grant employment to the deceased staff spouse, if the latter has suitable educational qualifications and fits the available role.

·       The company is also offering terminal benefits (like gratuity and provident fund) to the deceased employee’s family. This would be done even if he/she had not completed the designated period required to get the gratuity.

·       ICICI Lombard’s initiative, the IL TakeCare app, is also expected to provide easy access to all Covid benefits by the company – assistance for vaccination, IL Hello Doctor (providing teleconsultation facilities with qualified doctors), online claims initiation and tracking, chat with experts (on topics such as nutrition, diet, etc.), immunity booster and health risk assessment.

In these trying times, ICICI Lombard believes there is a need to go the extra mile and stand in support of its employees. The company proposes to continue channelizing its efforts to protect and safeguard the wellbeing of its employees and extended work family. 

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