Santegis aims to give modern, latest and patient friendly service

SANTEGIS Health Care has been officially opened today. The first project of Santegis India PVT. LTD. Is a diagnostic Center & Clinic. Almost all pathological tests & diagnostic services  will be available to this center of Jadavpur Sulekha More of South Kolkata at reasonable prise.  The patients may consult to the eminent super specialist doctors in its OPD Clinic.


Santegis is the dream project of two ladies of two different professions. Two friends, Smt. Jayeeta Das, ex teacher and Smt. Basanti Datta, a business person of small tools, understood the harassment of people in Health Care at lock down period. It is known to all that Health service is insufficient to our country than necessity. In this perspective the project Santegis has been realized. About 60% lady employees are now involved to this project of Women Entrepreneurship.


On behalf of Santegis, Smt. Jayeeta Das, Director has informed that the Services of local senior citizens, women and children are their first priority. For this reason an attractive discount has been offered to the all packages of the center for senior citizens. She has also said that in radius of 2 kilometers from this center for patients of more than 75 years old, all the samples will be collected from home at free of cost. The report will also be sent to their home too. Jayeeta has also said that the patients  are life of an Health Care center. So they always give priority to the comforts of the patients at  a homely atmosphere.


Smt. Basanti Datta, the other director of the center has meet the press and said that all pathological tests including all types of blood & urine are available here along with the important tests of cardiology and neurology like Halter Monitor, colour Doppler, EEG, ESC or NCV. Endoscopy and Colonoscopy have also been started here in Gastroenterology department. According to Mrs. Datta, all the kits used to the pathological tests are standard, & latest for correct results. More over Team Santegis, A team of skilled & experienced experts will be present to the center as ‘Man behind the Machine’.


In french, ‘Sante’ means Health and ‘Gis’ means ‘Elegant’. from the name it is cleared that Elegant Health care is the goal of the Organization. The directors have announced that they have no competition with any other concern. They always try to prove their best aiming modern, latest and patient friendly service.


In the program the center has been inaugurated by Professor Dr. Monbotosh Panja,  internationally famous renowned cardiologist of the country. After the inauguration, an awareness program on preventive cardiology has been held to the present senior citizen guests.  The program has leaded by Dr. Panja. On behalf of Management it has been also announced that they will occasionally arrange such  programs in various subjects  from the ground of social responsibility.




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