Romantic-comedy ‘Bhorer Pakhi’ to hit screen in July

Be it the vibrant colours, good humour or the romantic songs – the trailer of upcoming bengali film ‘Bhorer Pakhi’ is out now and it’s intriguing, to say the least.With dollops of romance and emotions, the trailer promises to deliver a new-age love story for the cine lovers.


Bhorer Pakhi is an upcoming Bengali film, will be directed by Parthasarathi Joardar and will be produced by Joydev Samadder under the harmer of Swastika Films. Fresh Pair Saheb Bhattacharya and Durga Santra will share the screen with veteran actors Paran BandoPadhyay, Rajesh Sharma, Biswanath Basu, Sonali Chowdhury and others.
Music has been composed by Dev Sen. Annwesha Chakroborty, Pritarn and Samayan has lent their voice.
Synopsis: This is a real life story hypothetically created where on one side stands a greedy uncle (Gouricharan) auntie (Shova) and on the other side stands a genuine, nice and caring lover who is a mechanic from a poor background. In middle of all the protagonist stands a Girl to be 23 years old looked after by wicked uncle and auntie to have control on her property which will be on hers name as per the will of there parents before they deceased. The wicked uncle created a plot for her to get married to his brother-in-law a unserviceable, unschooled and robber by occupation. On the other hand, eloquent about all the truths loves Akash more than everything today. Here enters the firml decision maker the longstanding grandfather from London and in his first meet comprehend the plot created by uncle and auntie and starts liking Akash who was introduced by Pakhi walloping his background and there starts the wrangle. The fight between a wicked avaricious guardian and Pakhi’s love who was presented with a lie. Now it is in the hands of the at grandfather whom he finally accepts as a future life partner of Pakhi, Will it be Madan introduced by greedy guardians or Akash introduced by Pakhi with a lie?.

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