Renowned Entrepreneur and Philanthropist Bikram Dasgupta Completes 25 Years in Kolkata

Mr. Bikram Dasgupta, who was among the early pioneers of the Indian Information Technology Industry, started his entrepreneurial journey in Kolkata in 1997 to fulfil his vision of Infrastructure & Institution for the state of West Bengal. During the last 25 years, under Mr. Dasgupta’s tutelage, Globsyn Group has created several firsts in the realms of Smart Buildings, Work Habitats, Finishing Schools, Management Education, Skill Development, Cross Border Transactions, Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning, and Unique Pedagogical Approaches, among several others – with a clear vision of ‘taking people to the next level’.


Mr. Dasgupta whetted his formative entrepreneurial zeal with Pertech Computers Limited (PCL) during the 80s and early 90s. He played a leading role in managing diverse functions and catapulted PCL to the position of No.1 PC player in India. He single-handedly won the single largest (US$ 50 million) export manufacturing contract from Dell Computer, USA, for computer motherboards in 1992 (which is still rated as the largest single contract in the computer hardware industry), set up India’s first motherboard manufacturing unit, and ramped it up to 10,000 motherboards/month production within 15 months.


Mr. Dasgupta’s journey in Kolkata started with him setting up INFINITY – the first ‘Intelligent’ building of India – which was unveiled in the backdrop of world class modern technology and symphony of sunset that set 11 floors of a 150-feet building alight with the click of a computer mouse. This period also saw him setting up in Kolkata, India’s first Center of IBM Software Excellence. IBM was trying to identify entrepreneurs across the globe and South-East Asia to develop the IT industry through meaningful projects that would be ‘different’ and create an ‘impact’. Mr. Dasgupta was the only Indian IT leader to have been chosen by IBM’s Emerging Market group to setup the Center of IBM Software Excellence that would train the youth of the state with the necessary skills to join the emerging IT industry.


Over the years, Mr. Dasgupta has launched several innovative products and built multiple brands, all aimed at developing the youth of the state. While the ‘Young Software Manager’ programme was aimed atdeveloping technical and behavioural skills needed for professional growth amongst fresh engineering graduates, Globsyn Business School was setup by him to build dedicated and compassionate managers for the global knowledge economy. Mr. Dasgupta has several unique pedagogical innovations like ‘Knowledge Finishing School System’ and ‘Learning Beyond Education’, which help the students acquire and apply knowledge and skills far beyond the traditional modes of learning.


With several innovations over the years in the areas of FinTech product development (NOTIVA), Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning services (AIW), high-end IT training (Globsyn Finishing School), in-demand vocational training (Globsyn Skills), andsocial infrastructure (Globsyn Crystals) among others, Mr. Dasgupta has always helped budding start-ups through investments and mentoring. Over the years through his platform of BDG Angels, Mr. Dasgupta has invested in over 20 startups in different stages of their lifecycle.


Currently, Mr. Dasgupta is focused on his passion of giving back to the society, a mission that started many decades ago, influenced as a child by his mother, Kalyani. He believes in touching human lives through a sustainable form of philanthropy, which is carried out under BDG Foundation’s Calcutta Broadway and Kalyani Foundation.

Stemming from Mr. Dasgupta’s passion for the performing arts, Calcutta Broadway (CB) works to support the families of needy performing artistes in the realm of Music, Theatre, and Dance by generating jobs for destitute backstage technicians, and gives a platform for young talented performing artistes. Calcutta Broadway also provides Free Health Card for young artistes and their families, and CB Youth Scholarship for talented youths. Named after his mother, Kalyani Foundation provides financial support to the underprovided sections of the society, stands by migrant labourers, supports elderlies of old age homes, works with specially-abled children and adults, ‘Feeds the Poor’ across India, and also helps build the homes of Bauls affected during the Amphan cyclone. Mr. Dasgupta’s most recent philanthropic journey has seen him sponsor the surgery of children suffering from Congenital Heart Disorder.


“Today, as I look back at these last 25 years of my life, I feel very relaxed because my company, team, projects, businesses, and students are all well established and doing good for themselves. This has happened because of what we started all those years back, and what we continued for the next two and a half decades. This is a very happy feeling that I have now, as I have been able to collectively build a very solid team who will look after Globsyn and take it another decade forward, and another, and another… I have absolutely no hesitation in saying that.” said Mr Dasgupta looking back at his illustrious journey in the industry.


On this special occasion of completion of 25 years in the industry, Mr Dasgupta launched his third book ‘BDG Diaries’ where he hasdocumented his real-life experiences on diverse and extremely relevant issues in the form of a diary. Written in a highlyconversational and engaging style, the purpose of the book is for the youth to ‘Learn-n-Intern’, or ‘L-n-I’as it is popularly known.The main purpose of this book is to make Mr Dasgupta’s ‘L-n-I’ sessions accessible to many more young peopleand equip them with the knowledge, aptitude and attitude necessary to pursue their aspirations andbecome successful leaders.The host of the evening was NilanjanaChakrabarty, who conversed with Mr.BikramDasgupta on the odyssey of the powerful 25 years.


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