Relief support for Sundarbans by Rotary Calcutta Metro City

Noted social and environmental worker Anil Mistry of the Bally Nature & Wildlife Conservation Society coordinated the relief distribution program benefitting over 7000 residents of villages in the area.
Several utility and dailywear items were handed over along with study materials and pens and sanitary pads were handed over to the women, children and other residents. Also Aqua Boxes with water filtration systems, disaster management instruments and other basic necessities were part of the relief materials.
Subhojit Roy, on behalf of Rotary was present at the distribution program at Gosaba for the distribution. The total valuation of the relief materials were worth over 2 lakhs and as Subhojit Roy said, “Rotary intends to carry out long term rehabilitation vocational programs with special emphasis for the women of the area, also menstrual hygiene with an emphasis on eco friendly products shall also be part of Rotary’s support in these areas. We would like to work closely with the local organizations for a proper, effective impact on the local population, we shall be back coon for an integrated development work in the area.”

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