Reliance Jio might take over 5G in India: Analysis of Mukesh Ambani’s strategy!

Sohini Biswas,

Mukesh Ambani already said that data is not the new oil (fuel), but soil (ground). At present Mukesh Ambani’s complete attention is on 5G technology. Mukesh Ambani can unveil 5G at any time after June this year. Their idea over 5G technology is to significantly upsurge their business in India.

Regardless of Corona, PM Narendra Modi at an interview in the month of October last year, repeated the fact for a second time that he wants to make India an economy of 5 trillion by 2024 after addressing the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland for the first time in 2018.

However Mukesh Ambani, India’s richest man and Chairman of Reliance Industries, who is a step ahead of him said that India could grow into a $ 5 trillion economy afore 2024 at the India Mobile Congress event in December. In this digital technology age, he spoke about 5G telecom technology.

How Ambani will be able to turn India into a $ 5 trillion economy in such a small time and what role will 5G play is the question. 5G technology will transform the approach people work. It will be too fast and will be able to handle more devices simultaneously as compared to 4G. After introducing 5G, the gap between digital and physical domain will shrink significantly.

reliance jio 5g

5G to swap these three sectors: 5G will shake every sector, but will affect health care, education, transportation, and entertainment hugely. The paybacks of 5G will be seen in the setting of India’s 1.3 billion population. 5G’s importance in India will be much greater than the developed countries, because the investment level in physical infrastructure is low there.

One significant thing here is that whose infrastructure will be apprehended, the future will also be netted by him. Ambani is eyeing to make the most of 5G in India.

Objective was already voiced in 2017: At the Hindustan Times Leadership Summit in December 2017, a proposal for the subsequent Industrial Revolution was positioned which told how gigantic a role Reliance will have.

Mukesh Ambani had said that no country could grow into a global power without embracing new technology and in the coming decades a huge revolution will be seen in the sector of agriculture, education and health. But the question of when and how it will happen remains.

World-wide companies are investing in live platforms: Mukesh Ambani already articulated that Reliance Jio will have a huge role in 5G ecosystem development in India. Reliance’s Jio TV +, Jio Fiber, Mixed Reality Jio Glass, and Video Meet app Geomit shows a sight of the 5G revolution in India. Jio had previously set intentions to launch 5G in 2021 itself having easy upgrade system from 4G to 5G.

Giant companies all-over the world are also investing in Jio, so as to take benefit of the 5G revolution in India. Many giant companies comprising Google and Facebook have invested $ 20.2 billion in Jio platforms previously. He is also backed up by the government which will reinforce the monopoly of Jio in the market.

Ambani’s new edge is data localization: The tale does not end here, Ambani is also focusing on a new movement, entitled data localization, where the data will be controlled in India and not with foreign companies overseas. He is assured that the Modi government can fetch some fresh rules concerning data privacy soon. This footstep will also aid to make India a world class center.

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