Rediscover Ayurveda with new range of Jessa Gupta products

Organic and ‘safe’ natural products have suddenly become the buzzword in the cosmetics industry. Organic and natural products are in high demand, but one is being tricked by a lot of brands in the name of Ayurveda. Ever wanted a product developed with century-old Ayurveda knowledge to give you a beautiful glow, healthy skin and luscious hair, in the comfort of your home? Jeesa Gupta  is the answer. Their products brings the expertise of an Ayurvedic formulator to skincare and haircare products.

Jeesa Gupta is a pioneer in the field of traditional Natural and Herbal remedies. She has been a keen student of Indian Herbal Remedies working to devices home remedies for various hair and skin beauty problems. Her studies on herbal Indian remedies started way back in the 1981. Jeesa has a long experience of more than 27 years working for effective home remedies for hair fall, loose hair, hair fall out, hair falling out after pregnancy, baldness in women and men and many other hair related problems.
Jeesa Gupta said “We  have seamlessly blended ancient Ayurveda with modern aesthetics to suit the hair and skincare needs of Indian women.”

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