Rasna Launches Affordable Immunity Boosting Syrup Concentrates

Today, everybody’s favourite childhood Brand, Rasna, proudly announced the roll out of a new line of syrup concentrates with unique immunity boosters. At a time when the world is discussing “building immunity” as a key measure to combat the Corona virus, Rasna as a Make in India and Atmanirbhar Brand has taken the lead to launch a Rs.2/- a glass immunity fruit based drink. At Rasna, creating an affordable product has been of paramount, so that even a child in the remotest corner of India is not deprived of this basic necessity.


The new line of products comprises of a combination of five key immunity boosters, Vitamin E, B12, B6, Selenium and Zinc offering round the clock immunity. The products are further fortified with glucose and fruit extracts and also provide instant rejuvenation and energy. They are available in popular flavours of Nagpur Orange, Alphonso Mango, Nimbupani, American Pineapple, Shahi Gulab, Kool Khus, Kesar Elaichi and Kala Khatta.


Given a steep rise in the current demand for immunity boosting products, the global market has witnessed tremendous growth and is expected to cross $ 17 billion by 2025. With an initial investment of Rs. 400 million in this new category, Rasna is working towards capturing 2-3% of this global market with its presence spread across India and other export markets.


Commenting on the launch Mr. Khambatta, Chairman, Rasna Pvt Ltd., said, “Rasna is very proud to have launched such a value for money and immunity boosting product, especially with immunity being the need of the hour. Rasna believes in the dictum of Rasna for everybody and that is why these products have been launched in formats so that even the poorest of poor people can afford an immunity booster at just Rs.2/-. This is Rasna’s commitment as part of Atmanirnbhar Bharat campaign.”


Rasna has also taken India’s favourite cricketer who has done Indians proud around the globe, Mr. Rohit Sharma as the brand ambassador to promote immunity/energy boosting products. Commenting on his association with Rasna, Mr. Rohit Sharma said, “I am very proud to be part of Rasna’s campaign to provide affordable immunity/energy and nutritional products to the masses and I am sure our association has overall helped in our campaign for a healthy India.”


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