Rapido Powerpass to make daily commute more economical

India’s largest bike taxi service, Rapido has launched its Power pass subscription program to make the daily commute more economical for its users. With the subscription, users can avail huge benefits on all their rides. Also, Pass users will be able to book their rides without any surge pricing levied on flat fares.

What differentiates the Power pass from the other subscription programs is that the in-house developed tool suggests only one best suited pass for every individual user by analyzing the user’s riding frequency and average riding distance.

“We understand that every user is different and has unique preferences, which motivated us to develop one of a kind solution to cater to their needs. Our tool understands the user’s behavior and provides the best suited pass rather than showing multiple passes and confusing them” Says Hiran Gunasekaran, Head Power Pass, Rapido.

Rapido being a customer focused organization believes that such innovations will help its customers save more on their travel spendings. The organization also aims to tackle the issues that commuters face due to heavy traffic conditions, especially during the morning rush hours, by offering an alternative option of a bike instead of a car or public transport to navigate through traffic quickly and reach your destination on time.

The subscription option has been rolled out to a limited set of customers across a few cities in India but it is expected to be made available to all Rapido customers in the coming months. Rapido claims that the pass users are able to save up to 40% on their travel spendings. Also, the company claims that the pass users are riding 60% more frequently when compared to other users. Rapido aims to have 1 million active pass users by June 2020.

This Bengaluru based bike-taxi organization has left no stone unturned in making last mile connectivity affordable and also has completely changed the concept of intracity travel.

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