Protect your eyes during Holi

A bit of celebration is often necessary to break away from the unvarying lifestyle. The arrival of spring is welcomed with the festival of colours. Amidst the giggles and fun, Dr. Nandini Ray, Consultant Ophthalmologist at Fortis Medical Centre urges people to take care of their eyes. She said, “Ophthalmologists notice an increase in the number of patients outside their clinic after Holi. Use of inferior quality colours, improper cleaning and aggressive playing causes several eye problems and in rare cases blindness.”

While playing, if colour enters the eye it gets locked under the eyelids. The remnants of the colour cause redness, blurred vision, decreased vision, pain, watering and chemical burns. The other thing that causes eye problems is poor hygiene. Trying to remove colour by rubbing the eye with dirty fingers exposes you to the risk of bacterial conjunctivitis.

Dr Ray suggests the following safety measures if you plan to indulge in the festival of spring:

  • Wear sunglasses while playing
  • People with power should wear glasses
  • Use organic colours
  • Dry colours are more dangerous than liquid colours. If you are playing with abir, do not attack from behind, use subtle movements
  • While playing with water balloons throw it on the body and not on the face. Apart from the colour, momentum/ impact of the balloon hitting the eye can cause blunt injury
  • If you get colour in the eyes wash them under running water immediately
  • Invert the eyelids inside out and clean the colours using a wet cotton bud
  • If problems persist, visit a doctor 



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