Possible use of IED in an attack on Bengal’s Minister Jakir Hossain is suspected, NIA may investigate

Sohini Biswas,

SIT has also been set up to inspect the condition of Minister Jakir Hussain. The NIA team has been observing the situation since the attack on Jakir. Few documents have been acquired from the Railway Protection Force and officials.

The likelihood of the use of IEDs in the bomb attack on Labour Minister of State, Jakir Hossain on Wednesday night at Nimtita railway station in Murshidabad is resilient. A video has appeared in which it is seen that one of his followers running with the minister blow up when he was getting rid of a bag laying on the platform.

At the same time, after retrieving batteries and wires at the scene, use of IEDs is being suspected. Now the National Investigation Agency (NIA) can also probe the case. When questioned to the Union Home Minister, Amit Shah on the program of a news channel in Kolkata, he answered that if there was a blast in the railway campus, then the state government should hand over the investigation to the Central Intelligence Bureau (CBI), then the whole thing will become clear.

Meanwhile, the condition of Jakir Hossain injured in the bomb blast is stable. He is undergoing treatment at Kolkata’s SSKM Hospital where a team of doctors is overseeing him. At the same time, the state government has proclaimed to give Z-class security to the minister after the attack. An official, on Friday, said that his health was improving after treatment. Minister Firhad Hakim and Nirmal Ghosh went to visit him in the hospital.

Sources say that ever since the case of bomb attack on Jakir, the NIA team has been monitoring the entire circumstances. Certain documents have been retrieved from the Railway Protection Force and officials, but the official investigation has not begun yet. On Wednesday night, Minister Jakir Hossain, along with his supporters, was attacked by a bomb at Nimtita station in Murshidabad.

Along with the minister, 26 other people were injured in that incident. Many of these people have blown up their hands, feet and other body parts. State government formed Special Task Force (STF), Special Intelligence Team (SIT) led by ADG of CID along with Special Task Force (STF), State Intelligence Bureau (IB), Counter Insurgency Force (CIF) and also a team of local police to investigate the incident.

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