Physiotherapy treatment has come to play a vital role in recovery of Covid patients

Physiotherapy treatment has come to play a vital role in recovery of Covid patients.From a key role in intensive care to recovery rehabilitation, physiotherapists worked on the frontline to help COVID-19 patients.

Experts present at 59th National conference of The Indian Association of physiotherapists (IAP), stressed the fact alongside doctors and nurses, physiotherapists have played a key role in the care and treatment of COVID-19 patients in hospitals.

A renowned physiotherapist said. ” Chest physiotherapy is emerging as one of the most popular post-Covid treatment measures, both at hospitals as well as private care, during the second wave of the pandemic where the variant is found to be majorly causing lung damage.”

One of the experts present at the conference added, ” With the help of technologically advanced equipment’s and techniques, we try and understand more about the injury and diagnose all the disorders related to movement. Through physiotherapy we guide the patient to perform some physio exercises which will offer the patient relief from the pain or discomfort caused by the injury, thus slowly helping the person to get back to his or her daily routine.”

This conference is supported by ICRC (International Committee of Red Cross) and the theme is “Fitness in Covid” which is still a sizzling topic. This is after 15 years that West Bengal is hosting the National Conference of IAP last time it was held in 2007. This entire conference is being supervised under the guidance of our National President Dr. Sanjiv Kr Jha, National General Secretary Dr. K.M.Annamalai, National Treasurer Dr. Ruchi Varshney, Organising Chairman Dr. Rishi Raj, Organising Secretary Dr. Arindam Seth, West Bengal Branch IAP President Dr. Kousik Dey, and Vice president Dr. Kousik Mallik along with the National and state executive Committee team. Physiotherapists from different parts of India have joined in the event and a Video conference was held from overseas regarding the same

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