Perfection in every piece of clothing

Ace designer Poonam Kasera celebrates 3 decades of excellence in men’s fashion. Established in 1993, Poonam Kasera is an esteemed designer menswear brand that has been dressing people from all walks of life, from celebrities to top industrialists of the country.


As a brand, they are known for their excellence in terms of designs, and intricate details to each product. The brand has something for all ages, and a new collection of their kids-wear brand ‘Minikin’. Poonam Kasera shared her journey and said, “I was born and brought up in Kolkata. Being the eldest daughter in-law in the family I had to do the wedding and festive occasion attires for the whole

family. There was a lot of appreciation in the family and society and that’s what got my interest in fashion. I realised that there was a dearth in the market for ethnic menswear at that time. I started doing men’s kurta in the year 1993 in a very small scale and slowly expanded the business.”


“In these 30 years, I have learned that the one wearing the attire is more important that the attire itself. Tailored to taste and perfection is the key to thrive.” said the designer. Among the several accolades received by her, PoonamKasera is also the recipient of the veteran ‘Fashion and Lifestyle’ award by Sanmarg Aparajita.

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