People of Sankrail are openly supporting BJP candidate Prabhakar Pandit

Desk: Two phases of voting is complete in West Bengal. The remaining six phases of voting are yet to take place. Under the fourth phase, votes will be cast in several seats in Howrah district. Among them, the fight in Sankrail assembly seat is very interesting. Here people are speaking openly in support of BJP candidate Prabhakar Pandit. A crowd is being seen in his meeting and roadshow.

Recently, a video of the common people of Sankrail was released. In this, some women were claiming that BJP candidate Prabhakar Pandit will win. At the same time some people said that this time the people of Sankrail have made up their mind that they will cast their vote to the lotus symble of the BJP.

At the same time, candidate Prabhakar Pandit says that the people of the area did not get any necessary services since independence. In Sankrail, the Trinamool Congress has created an atmosphere of terror. Here the infestation of Trinamool Congress goons is at its peak. There is no work without bribe.

The condition of the roads here is pathetic. The medical facility is in a bad state. The people of the region have decided this time that they will send the BJP MLA from here to the Assembly. With the formation of the BJP government, the entire state will develop rapidly along with Sankrail.

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