Pain & Ortho Clinic inaugurated

More and more youngsters, aged between 18 and 24, are falling prey to back pain incidences. With the number of spine specialty appointments among the young working population of India rising from 25% to 31%, low back pain is no longer considered an ‘old person problem’ and has become a major health bane for the young Indians.

Technology undeniably makes our lives easier; however, the increasing dependence on gadgets often has negative effects on our back which tend to go unnoticed. Long hours at a computer, excessive smartphone use, and very little physical exercise are making this a generation spending their days in pain. A hectic lifestyle is also forcing the millennials to accept pain as an unavoidable part of their daily lives instead of identifying the cause and treating it. With an alarming increase in the prevalence of low back pain in young adults and even those who are barely out of their teens, there is a need for spreading awareness among the public.

Chronic pain – defined as any persistent pain lasting more than three months – is rapidly emerging as a significant healthcare challenge in India, said specialists. “Pain Management is a new rapidly developing super specialty.One of the impacts of COVID was that large number of people started Working from Home (WFH) Unfortunately this also meant prolonged working on the computer – often in a bad posture, and sedentary lifestyle. Coupled with rising obesity, cases of Low Back Pain (LBP) are also on the rise

The new branch of Chennai’s Synapse Pain & OrthoClinic was inaugurated in the city to treat patients suffering from various types of pains. Synapse Pain & OrthoClinic a clinic run by Pain Management Physicians, Orthopedician, Physiotherapy & Rehab specialists. They specialize in providing treatments for Back & Neck Spine Pain, Joints – Shoulder, Hip, Knee & Ankle Pain, Nerve Pain, Headaches, Sports Injuries and Chronic Pain. The treatments it offers mostly include medications, life style changes, physical therapy, image guided interventional pain managements procedures, Radio frequency ablation, nerve root injections, Platelet Rich plasma (PRP) injection and neuro modulation. Their Senior Orthopaedic Surgeons also offer Joint Replacement, Arthroscopic and Spine surgeries, depending on the patient’s medical condition. The Synapse Pain includes reputed Pain Physicians Dr Karthic Natarajan, Dr Vanmathy V and Dr SenthilKamalasekaran and Dr TV Raja.

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