Osstem Implant India’s CSR Initiative : Dental implant treatment to the less privileged

Osstem Implant India, Osstem Implant India, a South Korea based dental implant company that has been serving in India for almost 17 years, collaborated with Dr Golam Wakil (MDS), a renowned Prosthodontist in Kolkata, and Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency (KOTRA), Kolkata, to donate dental implant treatment to four patients who are unable to afford it. This CSR program reflects Osstem Implant’s commitment to its social responsibilities and its dedication to promoting oral health and providing high-quality dental implants to people across the country.


The new office of Osstem Implant in Kolkata’s South City Business Park caters to the eastern region of India, Osstem’s new Eastern office will provide quality services to dentists. There is a seminar space for a total of 20 participants and an exhibition space where Osstem’s major products can be experienced. The CSR program event held by Osstem Implant India further emphasizes the company’s commitment to improving public awareness of dental health and dental implant treatment. The event was attended by dental professionals keen on learning more about dental implant treatment and its benefits.


KOTRA, co-organizer of the CSR activity, plays a crucial role in developing and supporting bilateral trade promotion between Korea and India.  Today, KOTRA focuses on the globalization of SMEs by providing them with customized support related to establishing their business globally and improving exports.


During this CSR program event, the Korean Ambassador, H.E Chang Jae-bok visited and encouraged South Korean companies to participate in more CSR programs in India. The Ambassador’s presence during the event indicates the importance of the program and the impact it can have on society.


“Dental implants have become an essential part of modern dentistry and can significantly improve a person’s speech, chewing, and overall quality of life. Osstem Implant’s CSR program is a significant step towards providing dental implant treatment to the less privileged. The program serves as an inspiration for other companies to take similar steps towards improving society”, said H.E Chang Jae-bok, Hon’ble, Ambassador, Republic Of Korea.


Osstem Implant is Headquartered in Mumbai with 5 more offices in India in New Delhi, Bengaluru, Ahmedabad, Chandigarh & Kolkata. Another office will open in Chennai by June, 2023. The new office of Osstem Implant in Kolkata’s South City Business Park has a seminar space for a total of 20 participants and an exhibition space where Osstem’s major products can be experienced.


“Osstem Implant is basically a one stop solution for the dentists focussing on dental implants & surgical kits and providing digital dentistry solutions. We would continue to increase our manpower for sales & service for providing direct services pan India as Osstem India contributes significantly to the company’s global sales and continues to grow. There are more than 30 Doctors & faculty members on board, who are professional & renowned dentists, who would be giving training to the dentists in this office. We would be hosting seminars at regular intervals by having renowned Dentists from India and


Korea addressing them. We hope that we would be able to help bring back the smile on the beneficiaries of our CRS initiative today and we also expect to increase public awareness of implant treatment through this activity”, said Mr Hosung Jung, Sales Director, Osstem Implant.


Ranked No. 1 in sales in the Asia Pacific region and with a proven track record in more than 50 countries around the world, Osstem boasts off world-class products.  It has a long-term clinical record of more than 10 years and has a higher implant procedure success rate. The advantages of Osstem products include surface treatment technology, implant design and precision, and increased surgical convenience and accuracy.


Osstem Implants product range include Dental Implant (TS III, TS IV, SS, MS, CA implant), Abutment & Components & Digital Components, Dental Equipments like SM3 Implant engine, Implant NX, eDriver, IS3, Dental K3 Unit ChairDigital Equipments like CBCT, Inter oral scanner, Portable X-Ray machine and GBR like A-Oss, Q-Oss & Oss Guide.

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