One of its kind, world-class Vocational Education Training in hospitality sector

A significant initiative for skill development in Indian hospitality undertaken by industry body CII, an 18-month Vocational Education and Training (VET) Professional Diploma program by Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne/EHL Education Group of Switzerland -will be delivered atCII Institute of Hospitality in Kolkata and IHCLHotels in Bangalore and Goa.


A total of 100 students who have passed their higher secondary education (12th) will be enrolled in the first batch atCII Institute of Hospitality for the first 6 months and will be trainer for 1 year at luxury IHCL properties in Bangalore and Goawith 50 students being taught at each hotel. CII has assured 100% placement to students upon successful completion of their respective VET by EHL Swiss Professional Diploma programs, that is recognized by all major hospitality chains worldwide.

Mr. Sougata Roy Choudhury, Executive Director, Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) commented that, “We at CII aim to direct the attention to the need for skilled, globally benchmarked talent in the Indian Hospitality industry. To deliver global standards of hospitality skills, CII &IHCL Hotels partnered with the 129-year-old EHL Group, – the global reference in education, innovation and consulting for the hospitality and service sector. Itis ranked as the No. 1 hospitality and leisure management school in the world. The students will be able to hone their skills though interactions with guests at a live and runningIHCL Hotel. The Program endeavours to strengthen the talent pipeline in India- as we aim to expand our presence in the country whilst adding more hotels to the Program in the coming years. We are expecting to enrol close to 10,000 students nationally over the span of 3 years”

He further added, “We have a rapidly growing accommodation offering across the tourist destinations and a sizable population affluent with English in the country. The program provides the students who have passed 12th standard with a splendid opportunity to skill and reskill themselves with an international curriculum, while placing them on par and contributing to the ever-expanding hospitality and tourism industry of India. The students will benefit from on-the-job training by the best IHCL Hotels




Adding to this already “mega collaboration” of Industry giants is Save Max Global Education – Bringing global presence and a standardised hospitality atmosphere to this initiative.An iconic Canadian brand, Save Max has diversified Business Interests in Real Estate, Global Education and the Health Sector. SaveMAX’s association with CIIandIHCLHotels is focussed on providing a solid foundation for the students’ career. As one of its verticals is education, Save Max group has set upCII Institute of Hospitality in Chandigarh and Kolkata to impart the first 6-month of institutional training


Expressing his view on the noble initiative focused on the youth of the country Mr Raman Dua , Founder & CEO of Save Max Group of Companies said, “ We cannot Always build the future for our youth, but we can build our Youth for the future.”- Franklin D. Roosevelt Withthis note, I would like to opine that Save Max Global Education Pvt. Ltd strives to bridge the gap between the current learning outcomes and what is required through major reforms that bring the highest quality, equity, and integrity of the educational system . We at Save Max Global Education Pvt. Ltd., with a vision to turn every citizen into a skilled workforce for suitable employment joined hands with CII in collaboration with EHL and IHCL to start CII Institute of Hospitality at Kolkata and Chandigarh.’


The VET by EHL Swiss Professional Diploma Programs will be delivered at IHCL Hotels by the best of industry experts as faculty. Vijay Shrikent, GM at Taj Bengal, Kolkatasaid: “We have an excellent faculty for this program. At IHCL Hotels we consistently upgrade the training skill set and integrate new learnings to the modules. Our faculty at each IHCL Hotel has been trained and certified by EHL and CII. They bring with them immense experience and knowledge. Moreover, students will be able to learn through interactions with guests in real work settings at Taj Hotels. The programme will allow us to strengthen our talent pipeline as we continue to expand our presence in the country. We intend to add more hotels to this programme in 2022.”


He added: “This program provides students a splendid opportunity to skill and reskill themselves with an international curriculum closer to home and contribute to the immense Hospitality and Tourism potential of the state. This Swiss Professional Diploma programme will place them on par, if not above, with students from leading hospitality schools in India, with the benefit ofOn-the-Job training.”



Said Aman Aditya Sachdev, Director & Regional Head at EHL Advisory Services for South Asia, Middle East & Myanmar: “The VET by EHL Swiss Professional Diploma Program is based on the principles of the world-renowned Swiss Competency Framework. It has been developed over a two-year period with the involvement of EHL subject matter experts and faculty members, as well as with global industry feedback. The objective is to prepare the youth worldwide for frontline job roles in the hospitality industry at global standards. Students of the program in India will be at a significant advantage with future employers, in global mobility and in their career progression. They will acquire the relevant knowledge and competencies required by the industry at par with international programs.”


About the Program


The VET by EHL Swiss Professional Diploma is delivered in a blended format where the students will have opportunity to learn and develop their skills at CIIIH and hone them at select IHCL hotels.The Swiss Professional Diploma is spread over 18 months and comprises of three levels of learning – Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced. The Program will offer learning in three distinct streams: ‘Culinary’, ‘Food & Beverage Service’ & ‘Rooms’- that follow VET by EHL’s rigorous quality-assurance standards. Each certificate level builds skills on top of the previous and culminates into a VET by EHL Swiss Professional Diploma.


Students will get online access to aworld-class global Learning Management System (LMS). They will be assessed on both theoretical knowledge on the LMS as well as on practical skills acquired during training. On completion, the students will become a part of the prestigious VET by EHL Global Alumni Network. Furthermore, CII will assist the students to enrol themselves into a UGC recognized degree.


The students are also assured a 100% placement after successful completion of the Program by CII. Backed by the international diploma, being job ready in 18 months and with real-life learning experience at luxury hotels ofIHCL, they will be sought after by all premium hotel companies in the country and abroad.


The total fee for the program is INR3,30,000/- (plus taxes).
Student should have cleared 12th standard from a recognized board in India with a minimum50% marks in English, to qualify for enrolment to the VET by EHL Swiss Professional Diploma Program


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