On a mission to feed the nation

The students of Aditya Academy Group of Schools have a new mission in life– Stop food wastage, feed the hungry.


In a webinar organised by Aditya Academy Group of Schools , Chandra Sekhar Kundu, popularly known as the “The Food Man” interacted with the students on awareness about food waste prevention via an online session.


Chandra Shekhar the founder member of Food, Education and Economic Development (FEED) has shared his inspirational story with the young minds in order to make them understand that huge amount of food is wasted on day to day basis and how their organization collects excess untouched food from college and office canteens everyday and distributes it among nearly 200 poor children.


In the webinar conducted by Sports Historian Boria Majumdar, Chairman of Aditya Academy Group of Schools, Anirban Aditya insisted that reducing food waste is a priority at the schools too: “We, at Aditya Academy, teach our students not to waste food at the hostels or canteen. We have taken the challenge to reach zero food wastage. A stern check on food wastage not only enables us to feed the needy but also helps the students to learn to honour the efforts of their parents in raising them..”


He further mentioned that Aditya Academy had been teaching organic farming to the students in an attempt to grow awareness in students about  food habits and healthy means of food production.


“I am really inspired by his example. I am determined to save food from now onwards and make sure to feed at least one hungry stomach,” said Mst. Srijit Chowdhury student of class  VII   of Aditya Academy Group of Schools.


Another student, Miss Sanchari Saha Of class VII said: “If we all do our bit we can stop food wastage. We can also help the needy get two meals a day at least. I am determined to follow his path.”


A few years back, on the night of his son’s birthday, Chandra Sekhar’s life changed forever when he found two street kids scavenging food from a dustbin. He talked about the journey that event led him to during the session: “I brought them to my home and provided them whatever we could arrange. I could not sleep that night. We are privileged in many ways and there are a huge number people who don’t even get one meal a day. So I want to ask everyone to make sure they don’t waste food. A little bit of compassion and care can feed a lot of hungry mouths. We all should monitor our consumptions and help the people in the need.”


The Food Man also mentioned the staggering amount of food that is wasted in our country and discussed various ways to reduce the same by being a bit more aware and careful during any special occasion and day to day activities. “We waste so much food every day. The hunger rate in the world is rising every day. In Kolkata alone hundreds of children go without food everyday. Their plight brings sorrow to my eyes and strengthens my resolve to do something for them. The students are the future of the nation.  They must be made aware of this crisis. Schools should make it their motto to save food and add to the nation’s food reserve,” he said to the students.




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