Software Engineer from West Bengal Lands Dream Job with a 300% Salary Hike Post Upskilling

A software engineer from Midnapore, secures his dream job post upskilling, with a salary hike of 300%. Born to a modest middle-class West Bengal family, and raised by a retired school teacher, Anusrutha Dutta was always encouraged to pursue his dreams. Despite their humble background, both his parents have been instrumental in providing him with quality education and guidance that a bright student like Anusrutha deserved.

Having completed his Mechanical Engineering in 2018, Anusrutha bagged his first job at Accenture, where he was assigned the role of an Application Development Analyst. However, despite his eagerness to take up new challenges, and his keen interest in coding, he was benched for nearly a year at the company. During this time, Anusrutha recognized that he needed to develop specific coding skills in order to advance his career in software engineering. During this juncture, one of Anusrutha’s friends introduced him to Scaler, understanding the situation he was in.

Through the “Scaler Academy” program, which focuses on software engineering and development, Anusrutha understood that while pursuing a career in tech, the importance of upskilling and one-on-one mentoring is understated. By learning new concepts and applying them in the real world, for the first time, he started experiencing the joy and satisfaction that comes with solving real-world tech problems through code. Post upskilling, Anusrutha now works as a software engineer at WiseTech Global, with a salary hike of a whopping 300 percent.

 Ever since the day I was introduced to coding, I knew this is where my interest lies. When I got my first job after graduation, I realized that if I wanted to succeed in my career, I had to acquire the right skill set.  When I came across the Scaler program, I was very impressed with the teaching methodology, the curriculum and how the entire program was structured. It introduced me to new concepts, making me more curious to learn. All the mentors at Scaler have been very supportive in providing me with the right guidance. The dire need to excel and grow in one’s career will motivate you to take the right steps – this realisation is crucial. This realisation is what helped me land my dream job.. After upskilling from Scaler, now I can proudly say that I have what it takes to be a true software engineer. said Anusrutha Dutta, Scaler Alumni.


Speaking on Anusrutha’s success, Abhimanyu Saxena, Co-founder of Scaler and InterviewBit, said. “In today’s IT sector, the need for a more skilled workforce is rising. While we get introduced to new and emerging technologies, it’s all the more relevant for tech professionals to up their game to stay industry relevant. Consistency and perseverance are the two essential aspects while trying to achieve success in one’s career. Many techies like Anusrutha coming from humble backgrounds and creating milestones with their achievements is a testament to the fact that by upskilling and constant learning, one can grow in their careers and achieve their dreams. We at Scaler only hope to bring more and more changes in the lives of these professionals which is what we strive to do every day – creating impact.”

Scaler, a leading ed-tech start-up for upskilling students and working professionals, equips   leaners with industry-ready skills and coaches them on how best to approach the interview process at leading tech companies. The company believes that there is no talent shortage in the country and that the demand for engineers v/s supply is merely a mismatch of skill expectations. To remedy this, Scaler works with industry leaders and subject experts to provide the potential workforce with future-ready skills to hit the ground running when hired into the technology industry. Scaler offers courses on digital technologies like Software Development, Data Science and Machine Learning and a Master’s program. Through its offerings, aspiring tech professionals can upskill their way into becoming Full Stack developers, Backend Developers, Data Scientists, Data Analysts and Machine Learning Engineers.

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