Nilon’s ventures into the beverage category with ‘CHEERS!’

Nilon’s one of India’s leading FMCG company expanded its product portfolio by entering the beverages category with ‘CHEERS!’.  The company has launched six refreshing sparkling fruit flavors for consumers. Positioned as a refreshing wellness drink, CHEERS! contains 17-18% natural wonder fruit, way more than the industry/category standards. The flavors include Cheers Kokum, Cheers Amla, Cheers Green Lemon, Cheers Lemon and Ginger, Cheers Jeera, Cheers Apple. The product variants offer various health benefits like enhancing immunity, improving digestion, detoxing your body,  antioxidant, iron and vitamins, many others.

Commenting on the product Rajheev Agarwal, Director & CEO, Nilon’s said, “We have always been at the forefront of providing the consumer an enriching experience through our product offerings. We believe in pushing boundaries when it comes to introducing them to new products, tastes and experiences and our new offering CHEERS! does just that. It will stand out as a healthier alternative to synthetic fizzy drinks available in the market. Additionally, the strong, and very distinctive colored packaging will resonate with the audience making it a preferred refreshing drink that can be consumed any time of the day or night.”

Expressing his views Dipak Sanghavi, Managing Director, Nilon’s “Owing to current lifestyle, people are seeking healthier alternatives to traditional soft drinks, the sparkling fruit beverage category has experienced substantial growth in recent years. In India, the beverage category has witnessed a paradigm shift in consumption patterns, from regular soft drinks to better and healthier options like fruit-based sparkling beverages. To address the ever-evolving consumer demand we decided to expand our product portfolio with CHEERS!. Our product aptly provides nutritional elements of the fruit along with natural pigments and flavour in addition to sparkle effects without compromising on the authentic taste.”

The product will come in an attractive 250 ml bulb shape PET bottle and will be available in all general trade.

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