Nikita Sangai launched her debut poetry book “Seasons Of My Heart”

Debutante author Nikita Sangai’s poetry book “Seasons Of My Heart” was launched today at the  Motherland Café| Studios by Jessica Gomez Surana- Principal of Loreto Convent Entally along with Mr. Pradip Chopra – Chairman of iLEAD and Renowned Fashion Designer Indroneel Mukherjee followed by a book reading session. The book delivers the readers a bouquet of thoughts with themes from different struggles of life. It holds the essence of motherhood, the power of lust, the hope of love, the pain of betrayal, the succor of relationships outside marriage including the beauty of nature. Each story is told from the author’s point of view weaving her intense thoughts and experiences.

The debutante author says, “It has taken years and years to understand and appreciate how difficult the life is, especially when nothing falls in right place rather the universe conspire to bring the worse.” Thus the prologue tells – “From motherhood, to mourning a lost love to finding a lost life, the poems range across emotions, free and fluid. Romance and regrets, lovers and lust, family and freedom – nothing is spared. A collection of poems that speak of, to and for women ‘Seasons of my heart’ -Raw! Real!

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