Need of the hour is to spread love and end hatred, say religious leaders

Ahmadiyya Muslim community  celebrated Eid Milan at ICCR Kolkata.The Ahmadiyya Muslim community respects all the religions and the aim of “Eid Milan” is to promote love, brotherhood and peace environment among the different communities peoples.

The event was attended by Scholars, diplomats and people belonging to different faiths.Religious and faith leaders appealed to all to promote the values of peace,unity and love.

In his inaugural address, the president of the oragniation said that the purpose of the Eid Milan was to celebrate universal human values and unite the people with a message of peace and unity and love.

“The sole objective of Eid Milan is to promote peace, love, brotherhood and unity within the diverse religious and cultural fraternity that has been coexisting in India . All our religions lead you to peace, love and humane approach. We are one. Peace and humanity should be the ideal face of any society” said one of the spokesperson.

One of the speakers said “All religions teach us love, harmony, truth, non-violence and brotherhood.In today’s time when there is so much communal violence, this eventwill be instrumental in sending a message of peace.”

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