National Doctors Day: A tribute to the real unsung heroes of the pandemic

Today is the 2nd Doctors Day of corona Pandemic. In this day Nation pays tribute to her son Bharatratna Dr. Bidhan Chandra  Roy on 1st July, Doctor’s Day to commemorate his birth and death anniversary and thank the Doctor community who relentlessly  stands by the people in their worst period of life. Since  more than 700 doctors laid their lives  during the last 1 and half years.

Cardiological Society of India( CSI) has observed the Doctors day in a befitting manner by organizing a National virtual seminar on this burning issue of Covid-19 and heart diseases which are plaguing the lives of everyone on the globe. All the past and present Presidents of 26 Branches as well as Executive members of the society  participated to the seminar in the gracious presence of  former Air Chief Marshall Sri Arup Raha, the Chief Guest.

The Long Covid and the Delta plus variant of Covid-19 were the focus of attention. Though the mortality of Covid-19 is low 1-2%, the long term effect of the same is ominous. The post Covid-19 persons can present with enlarged heart and heart failure and sudden cardiac death due to arrhythmia. Prevention was the only option to take care of this dreaded condition called Long Covid.

The Delta plus variant is deadly because of its highly  contagious capacity. The children so far protected may be the target as they are not yet  vaccinated  and if  complacency grip the policy makers. The discussants warned about this possibility and prayed to all people for following the covid appropriate behavior strictly and win over Corona.


In Kolkata,  on this occasion, DR. P. S. Banerjee, DR. M. K. Das,  DR. Debbrata Roy and some member Cardiologists have condolence to  the  mammary of the passed COVID warrior doctors and participated to the meeting. Dr. P.P. Mohanan, National President has welcome to the participants and concluded by Dr. Debbrata Roy National Secretary.


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