Narayana Health – RN Tagore Hospital initiate conversation on healthy lifestyle by associating with the movie The Eken Babu

Narayana Health – RN Tagore Hospital hosted a press conference with cast of the movie ‘Eken Babu’ to bring about the much-needed conversation on the importance of thy lifestyle. Cast members Anirban Chakrabarti, Suhotra, Somak Ghosh along with Director Joydeep Mukherjee went on to discuss health issues and concerns in the life of a celebrity and how their hectic lifestyle can have a bearing on their health. They also shared tips about good health practices that they implement in their day to day life and dived deeper into Eken Babu’s fitness mantra.

The movie is releasing on 14th April 2023. The panel discussion along with the movie cast was highly engaging & informative.

Narayana Health – RN Tagore hospital has always emphasized the importance of healthy lifestyle practices and conducts health related programs & engagements throughout the year. Its engagement with the movie Eken Babu reflects its commitment to continually promote the cause amongst the general public.

Mr. R Venkatesh – Group COO Narayana Health said, “I strongly believe that our active participation will make this awareness drive successful by reaching broader populations.”

Mr. Abhijit CP, Facility Director – RN Tagore Hospital, Kolkata said ‘health is a precious asset that we should recognize and appreciate before it has been depleted and so we want this awareness initiative to reach the broader population. ‘

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