The brand new multi-specialty healthcare provider, Narayan Memorial Hospital, BehalaManton on 18th May, 2021 to inaugurate a 600 litre per minute capacity Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) Medical Oxygen Generation Plant inside the health facility as the city grapples with oxygen shortage. This initiative worth an investment of Rs. 2.1 crores is paramount and has been introduced to Kolkata for the very first time by Narayan Memorial Hospital which skillfully provides healthcare services to people of Behala, South Kolkata & the surrounding hinterlands of South 24 Pargana.

The plant which generally takes 3-4 months to install and execute has been set up within 7 days on an area measuring 5×3 meters on the hospital premises. It has the capacity of providing 600 liters of oxygen per minute which is equivalent to 126 pieces of 47 liters of bulk Oxygen Cylinders every 24 hours.

The plant separates oxygen from compressed air from the atmosphere containing 21 per cent oxygen through the unique process of pressure swing adsorption. The separated oxygen is used as medical oxygen following certain processes, he explained.

Ms. Suparna Sengupta, CEO, Narayan Memorial Hospital proudly boasts, “Witnessing the sudden demand in medical oxygen supply in the city rather in nation, keeping up or state-of-the-art services was becoming a task. So we instantly came up with the idea of establishing the plant ourselves, and it happened at a superfast pace with the help of Linde India LimitedThe PSA Medical Oxygen Generation plant will help in “meeting the challenge” at the time of Covid surge and also in providing treatment to patients in future. An arrangement has been made to ensure that the supply continues to meet the requirements of all 200 patients at the centre when the facility is at its full capacity producing 36 square cubic meter per liter of oxygen per minute.”

Typically, healthcare facilities consume about 15% of oxygen supply, leaving the rest for industrial use. But amid India’s second wave nearly 90% of the country’s oxygen supply – 7,500 metric tonsdaily – is being diverted for medical use. That’s nearly three times higher than was consumed every day at the peak of the first wave in mid-September last year (then, India was adding about 90,000 cases daily). Just two weeks ago, in early April 2021, the single-day spike was around 144,000. Now, the daily caseload has more than doubled to well more than 300,000) according to a Crisil report.

At the moment, India produces more than 7,000 metric tons of liquid oxygen per day, which is enough to support the current requirement of medical oxygen. However, uneven supply and logistical issues have led to an oxygen crisis in many states.

Speaking about having backup of important services like Oxygen supply in hospitals during the pandemicMr. ManojShaw, Chairman, Narayan Memorial Hospital says, “Ware the first hospital in South 24 Parganas to adopt the fastest and most convenient mode of oxygen generation process which will aid around 8,00,000 people of Behala. It is very important for all hospitals to have a back up of oxygen, because any unforeseen unprecedented events can disrupt the smooth supply of essentials.

If India continues to witness a sharp surge in daily Covid-19 casesIndia will soon be on the verge of an alarming crisis in the providing healthcare support to patients having health problems apart from COVID-19. With second wave jeopardizing the planned & urgent surgeries & deliveries, dialysis, blood donation camps, Narayan Memorial Hospital is geared up to meet these health emergencies like Dialysis services to patients with COVID-19 condition, critical & complexe surgeries and special NICU & PICU to COVID-19 positive new born babies.”said Ms. Suparna Sengupta.

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