Music videos featuring Giaa Sarkhel  coming up soon

Ahead of Durga Puja, popular actress Giaa Sarkhel recently shot two music videos-both in hindi and bengali. The bengali music video titled-Bekheyali Mon features Giaa Sarkhel & Prosun Saha. The song is beautifully  composed by Dolaan Mainnakk and sung by Dolaan . Both Giaa Sarkhel and Prosun Saha also features in the hindi music video titled Tumhara Hone Laga. The song is sung and composed by Vicky A Khan.

Giaa Sarkhel said ” Personally,  I always look forward to the Durga Puja festival every year and so it’s very exciting for me that this music video is getting released during this festive time. It was really fun to work with the  whole team. I hope the audience can connect with the song since the vibe of the song gives a romantic feel and both the songs has a story behind it.”

Talking about the experience of shooting a music video amid the pandemic, she says, “It wasn’t that different, apart from the fact that the crew was limited and shooting was done indoors. Everything was done in such a way that there was not much interaction between people during the shoot. We took care of all the precautions.”

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