On the occassion of 15th August, a fresh version of the cult song of Dwijendralal Roy “Dhano Dhanyo Pushpo Bhora” will be released on the official Youtube channel of noted singer Monalisa Dey ( Monalisa Dey Production ). The lockdown project has been conceptulised by Monalisa Dey who is a Singer & Composer besides Shouvik Mukherjee a noted Sitarist. Eventually popular singers like Soumitra Roy ( Bhoomi ) Upal Sengupta( Chandrabindu) Riddhi Bandhopadhyay (Panchakobir Gaan fame), Deb Chowdhury(Sahajiya), Monalisa Dey(Singer and Composer) Tanmoy Biswas (folk singer ,Sa Re Ga Ma Pa fame) and Nibedita Das Mukherjee (singer) along with eminent elocutionist Shovansundar Bosu. Musicians like Shouvik Mukherjee (Sitar), Swarajit Ratul (Flute ) are also played a key part into this musical while noted musician-arranger Indrajit Dey is responsible for it’s soundscape.
It’s time to forget our differences and unite against this invisible enemy that has turned the world upside down. It’s time to bring the beauty of humanity and spirituality into action. God is there inside our heart. With that , Our hearts sing a song for all the people of our Nation. The soil is our motherland. This is a tribute to Our Motherland. As of we know We lost so many people’s lives in amphan cyclone, So many people are not getting their minimum needs of their life, food and shelter. The destruction had been huge.It has destroyed the nature, many Lands from where we get the minimum need …. our food… grains. In this situation We do pray for all the human beings, and for the mother nature. Monalisa says,”We all the musicians are contributing our prayer to the motherland through our soulful song.It’s a tribute to our Soil through music.”

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