Muharram observed with solemness

Muharram is a day of bereavement, when Shia Muslims observe fasts, take out rallies and pray in remembrance of Prophet Mohammed’s grandson Imam Hussain, who was martyred centuries ago at Karbala in Iraq.

8th day of Muharram observed with Majlish and Procession at Dehi Serampore Road, Park Circus under the guidance of Zafar Ali in an attendance of a vast gathering.  Maulana Hasan Mehdi Zaidi  who was present said“The month of Muharram preaches the message of sacrifice, love and brotherhood, compassion, religious tolerance and patience.”

“Muslims around the world are affected by the rare incident of Karbala and the world respects the greatness and causes of Karbala martyrs” said Zafar Ali

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