Muay Thai living legend appoints M A Ali National Representative of India

Grand Master Surapol Rungsikulpiphat (Thailand),a 84 years old the living legend of Thai Martial art/ Muay Thai of Sor Vorapin Muay Thai has honoured and blessed Prof  M.A.Ali (INDIA) and has appointed him as the . Grand Master of India- Sor Vorapin Muay Thai. Peraphan Rungsikulpiphat wants all support be given to M.A.Ali and his team till 27th March 2039. M.A.Ali said ” I dedicate this honour to my motherland INDIA.” Next year in Bangkok on 28th September 2020 M.A.Ali will direct “World Meet & World Award 2020” under the auspices of World Mixed Martial art Council (UK).Grandmaster Nisar Smiler President of the World Mixed Martial arts Council congratulated M A Ali and praised his  life-long commitment to  Martial Arts.

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